Fort Tilden - Q&A (SXSW)

Saw Fort Tilden at SXSW and thoroughly enjoyed it in a way no NYC hipster slacker movie has connected for me so far. Part of it is the lens through which the filmmakers cast their characters, part the actors themselves and maybe lastly the critical lesson as to why it's sometimes not a great idea to engage in chit-chat with your cab driver. Either way I recommend seeing it as soon as it's available.

Some pics from the post-film Q&A follow.

Bridey Elliott, Clare McNulty
Co-director Sarah-Violet Bliss
Directors Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers

Co-director Charles Rogers and film leads Bridey Elliott and Clare McNulty

Bridey Elliott and Clare McNulty

Bridey Elliott
Bridey Elliott, Clare McNulty


Have you viewed Landscaping Olympia WA click here said...

The dynamic between the two actresses deserves recognition and is extremely difficult to capture . Most seem pretentious and strained but these two nailed it.

Stanley Sawyer said...

Great post tthanks