13 Sins World Premiere - Red Carpet Photographs

My first film-going evening at SXSW was pretty successful. I watched The Infinite Man and 13 Sins. Plus about 3/4 of Premature (long story - should be caught up soon on that one) whose director I interviewed earlier in the day. More on all that's coming (though all are worth seeing in my view). For right now I just wanted to share some of the red carpet photos I took at the world premiere of 13 Sins an in your face thriller that seems to be part of this year's Cheap Thrills like takes on people forced out of desperation to play along with the sick games of the rich. I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit more, though given how many people truly love Cheap Thrills I may not have a ton of company on this one. But comparison aside it's a solid and engaging thriller. But for now I'll leave you with photos of the striking case and director.

High resolution versions (if you want to just gaze deeply into Ron Perlman's eyes) can be found in this online gallery.

Ron Perlman
Mark Weber (lead of the film)
Director Daniel Stamm
Director Daniel Stamm and Mark Weber

Devon Graye

Devon Gray, Daniel Stamm, Mark Webber

Ron Perlman being interviewed on red carpet

a rare Perlman smile

Ron Perlman and director Daniel Stamm

Ron Perlman mid-interview

Ron Perlman, Daniel Stamm, Devon Graye, Mark Webber

Ron Perlman

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I was pleasantly surprised by this film, it's not great, and nothing about it is great, but pretty much all of it is pretty good, the story, the acting, the twists.