Free Preview Screening: Labor Day

Wow! That was quick. Back with some more free preview tickets to share. This time for the new Kate Winslet film Labor Day. There's a synopsis and trailer below. But frankly I don't understand if the phrase "Kate Winslet" hasn't already created the need to skip all the text between here and the Gofobo link. I mean you may be a perfectly nice person, but clearly I'll never understand you completely. Sorry.

Anyways ... There are two screenings on offer. The first at Pacific Place the second a bit north of downtown at Regal Thornton Place. Choose one, choose both - just be sure to arrive early as your seats are not guaranteed. 

Screening 1/28/14 
Link to Passes: http://l.gofobo.us/cGNj0VAg

Screening 1/30/14 
Link to Passes: http://l.gofobo.us/1Rdj7GmM

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Surprised at SIS Medical Records Management said...

This was filmed two streets over from where I live and my best friend and I spent like two weeks creeping on the set and ended up meeting Josh. Beautiful movie.