Free Preview Screening: Bad Grandpa

Sometimes I'm not sure there's really that much more to say about a film. Bad Grandpa is likely one of those. A Johnny Knoxville character, the Bad Grandpa of the title takes an eight year old boy cross country. Encounters with real people occurs in what I'm told we're now calling "Borat Style." But what perhaps what an actual grandpa might call "Allen Funt being a dick" style. Either way judging from the trailer there's at least a chance hilarity may ensure. Or it might not - either way it can't hurt your odds to see the movie for free. And before any of your friends can, if you have the sort of friends you'll admit to seeing this to. 

Anyways, I'll admit to chuckling pretty hard at a few points in the trailer. So, sue me....

If you want to roll the dice all you need to do is click on this handy link and fill in the required info. Totally painless, I promise.

The screening is October 22nd at the Regal Thornton Place theater in North Seattle. Free parking abounds - just make sure you get there early as even with a ticket there's no guarantees. Pro tip for Thornton Place - the line is typically inside, just tell the ticket attendant you're heading to the preview screening and ask where the queue is. 

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bubblegum casting said...

This is one movie I will be watching