Free Movie Preview: Philomena

A quick note to announce another free screening. This one being for Philomena starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. Takes place on November 5th in Bellevue. All  you need to do to go is grab yourself a pass via this handy Gofobo.com link and show up early enough to ensure you get in. Haven't seen the film, but looks worth a shot. This year SIFF screening Philomena as part of their annual member's meeting. Typically a reasonably good sign. So maybe a great way to spend a (likely) cold November


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World Wide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services said...

What makes Philomena so winning is the sophisticated way in which it condemns the behaviour of the Catholic Church without denigrating people of faith - a delicate tightrope act that has given plenty of more high-minded films vertigo.