Fantastic Fest Bumper Finalists Announced

As I've likely mentioned in the past Fantastic Fest pre-film bumpers are attendee made taking really, really varying takes on the year's theme. In the case of 2013 the theme is "Intergalactic Fantastic." Little exists in the way of rules excepting length (< 45 seconds) and the need to end with the phrase "That's Fantastic." You can re-create the true festival experience at home watching all the submitted entries on the BadAssDigest website. Or you can checkout the five finalists that will be judged this Monday - five enter only one can leave. At least only one can leave with the prize of two VIP badges for next year's festival.

If you're especially lazy you can watch 3/5 below. But it's really worth watching all of them - at least assuming you're not easily offended. The first one in particular may not be safe for work - depending on the employer's views.

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