Fantastic Debates - Pre Fight Videos

If I had one regret about not being able to get to Fantastic Fest this year it'd be missing the Fantastic Debates. I've described it more than a few times in past years and that one 3 hour block into the wee hours of the night are alone worth the price of admission to the entire festival. I'm realizing it's a damn shame that there's not a live stream of it - even if it was for a fee, or restricted to Drafthouse Alliance members.

This year the title debate/fight will be on the topic - "Resolved: Tai Chi is a martial art relegated to elderly Chinese women and is inferior in every way to Tae Kwon Do." Festival founder and Tim League will support this position arguing against Keanu Reeves who will argue the negative. When things get physical though Keanu will bring in the start of his new film Man of Tai Chi - Tiger Hu Chen to actually handle the fighting part. This does not sound like great news to friends and family of Mr. League. Though it should make some pretty entertaining sport for those lucky enough to be in the audience.

The two sides have released pre-fight taunting videos. This is gonna be ... what's the word I'm looking for? .... oh right, ..... FANTASTIC!

Oh ... and in case you're wondering about Tim's black-belt. Unless I'm missing something I believe his black belt was an honorary / fake thing awarded as part of last year's debate. So make sure you watch all the way to the end of his video where he points out he has two beautiful young daughters so it'd be great if he didn't actually perish in the ring. Good Luck Tim!

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