Free Early Preview Screening: You're Next

Crazy drawings on the wall ...one of the many things to miss at the original South Lamar Drafthouse.

I'm not often one for horror. Perhaps it's the mural painted on the side of the former South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse, all the positive buzz I've heard or just a hunch - but I've been wanting to see You're Next for what seems like a considerable time. Having missed the chance at SXSW due to a scheduling conflict I'm excited the film is coming to Seattle soon. And even more excited that readers will be able to check the film out ahead of local audiences .... for free! (Not counting your personal assessment of your time spent waiting in line)

Two screenings are available. Just bounce over to Gofobo with this link and enter the appropriate code below: 

  • 8/6: Regal Thorton Place  - code: RWTFJWTW
  • 8/21: AMC Pacific Place -  code: RWTFTTND
See one, see both - just follow the links above to register. As always these things are not guaranteed admittance. Showing up a solid hour before typically does the trick though. And recall that the movie meanies may or may not try to hold onto your phone. If you get wiff of that I'd suggest stowing it in your car or another safe spot. No sense waiting on a long line to retrieve it. That's definitely going to kill whatever buzz you got from the film.

Personally ... I'm definitely booking time to go to one of these screenings to see what all the fuss is about.

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