The Otherside - Red Carpet Arrivals (including Macklemore)

Friday night drew a lively, packed house to Uptown theater for The Seattle International Film Festival's  screening of the NW hip-hop scene documentary The Otherside. In addition to full capacity inside the front of the theater boasted a jostling (in a friendly way) group of photographers looking to capture a parade of local music artists. Including local guy made good Macklemore. I did my best to grab a peek to share....

I've put the full set of photos up on Flickr. With a subset below in lower resolution. If you're in any of the photos and would like a copy, etc. just let me know.

Included the trailer, a couple of teaser photos and then a bunch more after the jump. I'm planning on writing a more complete review of the film itself in the week ahead.

A special, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thanks to Isha Rana host of the WNYU radio show North by Northwest. Without her assistance very few of the photos would be properly labelled. And if they're still not probably a typo on my part. Still looking to identify a few of the subjects - please shoot me a note in the comments on directly if you can help.

Dan Torok (director of The Otherside) and Macklemore



Prometheus Brown

JR Celski, Wizdom, TJ Santos


Rik Rude and OC Notes

Rik Rude and OC Notes

Sam Lachow

djblesOne (middle), Buffalo Madonna (right)

Prometheus Brown

Vinny Dom, TJ Santos, Prometheus Brown, Dan Torok, JR Celski

Ra Scione (right)

Vinny Dom, Dan Torok, Macklemore, Kerri Harrop, TJ Santos, Mary Bacarella (managing director SIFF)

JR Celski and Macklemore

TJ Santos and Macklemore



Dyme Def


Anonymous said...

The guy with the arms out in the black hoodie is Sam Lachow.

Rich said...

Thanks so much for the tip. Updated accordingly.