Free Preview Screening: The Kings of Summer

If you're looking for something to do April 25th and fancy a movie then you're in luck. As I write this free passes are available for a preview screening of the comedy The Kings of Summer which is currently rocking a 7.1 rating on IMDb.com (and a Metacritic score of 70). Not too shabby...

Oh, and of course it's free. Well, not totally free, you likely will have to stand on line to get in as these things are often overbooked a bit.

All you need to do is mosey over to gofobo.com with this link. And then perhaps enter the code RWTFPJ9N if you're asked. Then, as long as they haven't all been snatched up you should be good to go. Update [4/19] - You can also checkout an alternative screening on June 5th at Southcenter (code RWTFQYAA if the direct link doesn't work by itself)

I've included the film's teaser trailer. "Teaser" apparently means it's designed to remind me of Sound of Noise rather than completely give away the story give a sense of the film. From what I can tell looks worth a shot. So hoping to catch the film myself - so don't hesitate to shoot me a note in the comments or on Twitter if you're planning to do the same.


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