SXSW Preview - Part II

Here's a peek at what I'm hoping to catch during my trip to Austin. Truth be told, I'm hoping to catch a lot more than these films. But realism with respect to the limits of the time/space continuum makes what follows about the best I can hope for.

Sake-Bomb -
Cheap Thrills -
Much Ado About Nothing (and panel discussion)
[maybe] Prince Avalanche
Drinking Buddies -
Before Midnight
12 O'Clock Boys -
William & the Windmill -
Licks (or Awful Nice)
Downloaded [or Museum Hours]
Spring Breakers
You're Next [hopefully]
Swim Little Fish Swim [or Buzz screening]
Short Term 12
Computer Chess
Good Vibrations [Or Zero Charisma - which is tight]
Don Jon's Addiction
Big Ass Spider!

[interview slot]
Holy Ghost People
Everyone's Going to Die
Grow Up Tony Phillips
Maybe [Unhung Hero]
Kiss of the Damned
Three Voices

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