Fort Tilden - Q&A (SXSW)

Saw Fort Tilden at SXSW and thoroughly enjoyed it in a way no NYC hipster slacker movie has connected for me so far. Part of it is the lens through which the filmmakers cast their characters, part the actors themselves and maybe lastly the critical lesson as to why it's sometimes not a great idea to engage in chit-chat with your cab driver. Either way I recommend seeing it as soon as it's available.

Some pics from the post-film Q&A follow.

Bridey Elliott, Clare McNulty


Veronica Mars Red Carpet (SXSW)

Finally getting back to posting stuff from SXSW 2014. Here's a set of photos from the remarkably telegenic cast of the Veronica Mars movie. Which is available to watch at home and a heck of a lot of fun. Even if you haven't watched the series previously. Warning though - the movie did make me go back and begin binge watching the series.

Kristen Bell posing for selfies with waiting fans

Krysten Ritter

Chris Lowell


13 Sins World Premiere - Red Carpet Photographs

My first film-going evening at SXSW was pretty successful. I watched The Infinite Man and 13 Sins. Plus about 3/4 of Premature (long story - should be caught up soon on that one) whose director I interviewed earlier in the day. More on all that's coming (though all are worth seeing in my view). For right now I just wanted to share some of the red carpet photos I took at the world premiere of 13 Sins an in your face thriller that seems to be part of this year's Cheap Thrills like takes on people forced out of desperation to play along with the sick games of the rich. I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit more, though given how many people truly love Cheap Thrills I may not have a ton of company on this one. But comparison aside it's a solid and engaging thriller. But for now I'll leave you with photos of the striking case and director.

High resolution versions (if you want to just gaze deeply into Ron Perlman's eyes) can be found in this online gallery.

Ron Perlman


Some of the things I'm excited about at SXSW Film 2014

I was asked to put together some of my most anticipated SXSW films by another decent sized website as part of their festival coverage. The official list has pictures and other niceties (and some cool companion lists from co-workers to check out. Or it least it will by Friday. For now I wanted to give loyal readers (Hi Mom!) a sneak preview. 

They're not generally in any particular order of excitement for me. Except maybe the first few before the jump.

The Raid 2 - A sequel to one of the most fun action films I've seen in years, playing with a packed house the same 2000+ seat Paramount theater where I saw the first one - how could this not be on my must see list. If it's not on yours I question your ability to enjoy life. Well, maybe not completely - but at least a little bit.

Premature - A high school senior has to re-live losing his virginity over and over again until he gets it right."" I suspect there are two initial reactions possible to a film that looks like it would've been pitched as Groundhog Day meets American Pie

a. I can't believe they ripped off Groundhog Day?! That's lame. 
b. I can't believe they ripped off Groundhog Day and melded it with a raunchy teen sex comedy!?! How can I watch that as soon as possible! 

Being squarely in the second camp I'm going to be queuing up for the first available screening of this one. Also lending a positive buzz I was a fan of the FCU Fact Checkers shorts from director Dan Beers who also headed up Premature.

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter - Love, love, love the idea of a woman from Japan believing that the missing satchel of money in Fargo is real and seeking to find it. I'm actively trying to lower my sky-high expectations to insure I don't hurt what I'm hoping to be a magical viewing experience.


Free Preview Screening: Draft Day

Kevin Costner is back, and back again recently. Here's your chance (OK, a second chance or maybe a third - I've lost count) to grab some tickets to a free preview screening of Draft Day on 3/10

Grab your passes by clicking over to this link here (if you're asked for a code it's: XR482D). Just be sure to get to the screening early as they're overbooked to ensure a good crowd.

Get more details on the film's official site or of course on IMDb.com.

Free preview screening: Need for Speed

Here's a last chance to grab tickets for a free screening of Need for Speed before it opens. The screening is coming up next week on March 11th at AMC Pacific Place. Passes can be downloaded from this link.

Don't forget to get there early as such screenings are typically overbooked.

SXSW 2014 - Early Recommendations

SXSW Film 2014 is just a few days away. I've been lucky enough to get an early peek at some of the films and am here with highlights from that set. I'll be following up tomorrow with the films I'm most looking forward to personally seeing. Even though I likely won't get a crack at many of them. 

So without further adieu here's what I've seen and recommend catching during the festival. Do read beyond the name though - each has something to recommend it, but that thing may not be your thing. 

BuzzardSlacker paranoid coming of age saga or an indictment of capitalism in the 21st century? When dude makes a sandwich of frozen pizza, chips and ranch dressing while taking a break from converting a power glove to a Freddy Krueger bladed weapon I probably could go either way and be happy. The film opens quietly but strong as Marty closes his checking account to exploit a loophole at the bank he temps for. Marty's a heavy-metal digging guy of modest life accomplishments but a self perceived master of the anti-corporate short con as he perpetuates a series of moderately illegal frauds to stay afloat. Frankly, he's not that great at it and when he bites off a tad more than he should including a stack of tax refund checks at work it's easy to see it's not going to end super well. Partially because Marty isn't as smart as he thinks he is, but mainly because he's so living in the now that he's completely blind to thinking even a single step ahead with respect to how things will go wrong. Ah ... Actually, seen as a metal/slacker take on the importance of risk management the director might be able to re-brand BUZZARD as a corporate training film on the consequences of poorly planning.